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New Horizon for Archery Mechanism
As the modern science and technologies develop, we experience a lot of changes in our daily life. INFITC Archery staffs start the daily work as throwing a question “How we could apply this advanced science and technologies into the manufacturing of recurve bows plus recurve and compound bow accessories? Or how the new technologies can make contributions to create new and better archery products?
INFITEC Archery was established in 2012 to meet the new higher standards of the serious modern archers. We are made up of a strong team that is composed of highly capable specialist and experienced staff from S. Korea and the USA. We are experienced in both recurve and compound bows and the manufacturing of archery accessories in S. Korea.
INFITEC is a compound word of “Infinite” and “technology” and it represents that we
always seek new ways of developing more advanced quality products based on our
resources – Infinite technology. To support our team spirit, the rigorous quality
management system is in place to ensure our product quality and we are
committed to continue to grow our product lines under customer-oriented
service policy.

Emerging as a dark horse in the international
archery industry, INFITEC Archery is ready
to make a quantum leap in 2013 and
it would be highly appreciated if you
could give your kind attention.
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ADDRESS 29, 42 Sorea-ro, Daegot-myeon. Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do Korea
(It is about 42km away from Incheon International Airport and 28km from Gimpo International Airport.)