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Material Fiberglass / Hard Maple Wood
Length 66, 68 and 70 inch
Poundage 18 - 40 lbs (in 2 lb. increments)
Challenger Fiber Limbs are produced with double layered hard maple wood and laminated fiberglass in front and rear. It is finished with high-polish clear fiberglass ...
Challenger Carbon Limbs   (IF 1101)
Material High Modulus UD carbon, Fiberglass Hard Maple Wood (Block type)
Length 66, 68 and 70 inch
Poundage 28 - 46 lbs (in 2 lb. increments)
In a perfect combination of carbon molding and fiberglass alloy technology, INFITEC came to rollout new premier carbon limbs in 2013. The Challenger Carbon Limbs are...
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